How To Easily Give A Woman An Orgasm

For a woman to have an orgasm during sex is very important and at the same time a bit hard therefore the man has to work hard so that she can reach there. The female orgasm means that the woman has totally surrendered her body and emotions to the man and she is totally into it. How a man touches a woman and the sexual experience can make a woman have multiple orgasms. However, most women don’t experience orgasm during sex because of various reasons which include inadequacy, anxiety, nervousness or even embarrassment from their partner or themselves. This makes people start using Viagra or Viagra substitutes.

There is a sequence of events that leads to the point where one can have an orgasm, which is known as the sexual response, and it has four stages i.e. excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution. Each stage builds up to the other, so the right kind of stimulation has to be done with the right intensity. If you want to know how to give a woman intense orgasm you can do the following:

Entice her

For good sex to happen there has to be an emotional attachment of both participants. Start by enticing the woman early enough by either calling her or texting her about of sweet words which they love to hear. Some women have emotional issues regarding their bodies, and this makes them hold back while having sex. Telling her that she is beautiful and appreciating her body will make her feel at ease and not concentrate on her body while lovemaking. This will lift her moods, and she will easily reciprocate the love she is getting from you, therefore, no need to use Viagra substitutes to satisfy her.

Have foreplay

Despite the woman being in the mood having sex, foreplay is quite important. Foreplay ranges from warm embraces, a passionate kiss, gentle stroking to massage and this increases the sexual arousal in her. The bold flow increases to the genitalia, and there is engorgement of the clitoris, vulva, and labia, and this makes her body sensitive to touch. The vagina will have increased lubrication, and it will feel warm. This shows that the woman is quite ready.

The sex position

The most common sex position is the missionary, and at most times the woman will not reach orgasm. To have an orgasm, the clitoris has to be stimulated over and over again, and the man has to stroke the G-spot while in action. Positions such as girl on top, doggy style, spooning, are excellent where the man will have access to the woman’s clitoris and be able to stroke it while still having sex.

Taking herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements can be used when the man has a problem in lasting longer while having sex. The issue of erectile dysfunction is common in some men, and this makes them impossible to satisfy their partners. Herbs have properties that cause the body to produce nitric oxide, which opens up the blood vessels, hence an increased blood flow to the penis which ensures that one has an erection for a log period.

Be physically and emotionally healthy

A man with erectile dysfunction will not give a woman orgasm. Erectile dysfunction has a lot of causes, but it can be treated. Some of the simple ways of treating it include doing exercise to stay healthy or lose weight, doing away with depression and stress and sleeping well. This helps the body to respond well to all activities.

As a man, if you would want to see your woman have an orgasm or you want to stop using Viagra substitutes, learn the techniques and use them well. She will definitely be looking forward to the lovemaking sessions, and she will not look for that experience anywhere else.

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