7 Tips On How To Control Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation may seem like ‘just another thing’ to you, but it is not! It can be quite frustrating for both, you and your partner, when you ‘give up’ before expected and before even getting completely indulged in the sexual practice.

You may tell your partner that it happens because of the hysteric feeling that you get from her, but how many times will you make the same explanation or give the same lame excuse? You have to get up and do something about it, at least for the sake of your relationship with your partner.

Here are the top seven tips on how to control premature ejaculation:

1) Masturbate a few hours before you plan to indulge into an intercourse: In case you are going out for a date with your partner tonight and you have a plan to have sex with her, masturbate before leaving and relax yourself completely so that when the two of you have sex, you work on her like a true hero!

2) Keep your stress levels low: You need to ensure that you keep yourself as relaxed as possible, so that you don’t pre-ejaculate in excitement. It is okay to get excited, but keep it low to show her what you are made of.

3) Don’t let anxiety hamper your sexual interest in any way at all: Anxiety hampers your sexual life in all the ways; stay away from it if you really want yourself and your partner to enjoy prolonged sexual intercourse.

4) Just when you are near your ‘climax’, stop it then and there and restart after a while: This is the best way to indulge in a longer intercourse with your partner; the moment you are about to ejaculate, divert yourself and wait for a few minutes. Then you can go deep into her once again and restart the entire process.

5) Avoid watching porn with your partner, if you are planning to have sex with her: Porn makes you excited and hence you ejaculate fast. Avoid porn if you are already in the mood to have sex with your partner.

6) Focus on the way you breathe: Breathe as deeply as possible so that you have a better control on your ‘little soldier.’ Your breathing pattern can help you delay your ejaculation.

7) Consult a sexologist, if none of the above tips work: If the above tips don’t work at all, it is time for you to bring a good and professional sexologist into the picture.

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