How Long Should Sex Last

The sexual health promotion lab at the University of Kentucky has interviewed over 14,000 men and women and asked them all kinds of interesting questions.

How long does the average couple report having sex for? 10 minutes seems to be the average for penetration. Interestingly both genders wanted sex to last about twice as long as it does. The lead author for his piece of research suggests that women need longer than men to reach climax. A note from suggests that this depends on how much and what kind of foreplay has been engaged. If very little has been engaged then I whole heartedly agree with this comment. However I think this reflects the sexual habits of most couples rather than any “natural” or biological proof. Indeed I believe if a guy “knows what he is doing” that women should orgasm several times before the man does. Of course it is up to you how you want to go about it but if it is a full sexual session then women should orgasm at least once before the man does.

Ready to hear about faking orgasms? 55% of women surveyed admitted to faking an orgasm while 31% of men had faked an orgasm. I honestly believed that the number for women would be higher than that. The cliché for women faking is “to make it stop” because they aren’t in the mood. In other words because it isn’t great sex. I guess it could be the same for men, but maybe also to avoid the perceived “embarrassment” linked to not being able to orgasm…

Masturbating – only 25% of guys jack off daily or close to daily! I think if they did an analysis by age we would find that this is “normal” for under 30s and singles with frequency decreasing with age. Only 9% of women report that they masturbate this frequently.

60% of respondents report that they had tried anal intercourse, a figure that seems to be rising in recent times.

I will leave you with the following tragic numbers… foreplay is almost non-existent. For example, only about 30% of people had received oral sex in the previous week. This is not good and confirms my suspicions that there is too much penis/vagina intercourse and not enough foreplay happening. This no doubt contributes to women cumming slower than men, faking orgasms and the lack of control showed by men because they are used to “jackhammer” style that they have learned through lifetime masturbation habits and pornography. Sex is about the journey not the destination.

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