Sex With Brother-In-Law

It was mid July. My brother-in-law along with his parents came here for his vacation. He was 22 by age and I was 26, married housewife. My husband went to his office. It was a hot afternoon. After preparing lunch, I walked in the bathroom for showering. I undressed myself and suddenly I heard a fussy noise. When I looked into the vent, I could not see anything. On next day, same thing happened to me. I was afraid then neglected once again. Next day when I stepped in to the bathroom for showering, I looked around to make sure no one spied me snick in through the vent. After seeing nothing, I undressed myself and started showering. I was soaping up, washing my body, suddenly I had a look into the vent and someone’s face was peering up at me. Instantly he hid himself behind the vent. I was feeling ashamed. I was bit afraid too. Never ask him for such kind of activities even never talked to my husband about that. The next few days went back to normal. I was half scared.

After three to four days later, on evening, we all prepared a plan for shopping, so I was in my room changing my clothes for that, I was in bra and underwear, he just walked in my room, stopped, stared at me. I’m quickly trying to get something on. I still asked him nothing, but was feeling nervous. He used to sneak in to my room to get a chance of seeing me changing dress. One night after having dinner, I just walked away near his room. I thought he was sleeping, left the door ajar. When I took a sneaky peek, then I noticed he was masturbating. Omg! Is he really a crazy guy or not? I questioned myself.

On next day, when I walked in the bathroom for bathing, instantly I realized, I was being hunted once again. This time, I decided to give him a better show so I dropped my cloths, slowly unbuttoned bra and slide down my panty to expose him my naked body. Then I started rubbing my pussy for a while then opened my legs and fingering slowly until flowing off.

One day his parents were sleeping, time was 4 pm. I just walked away in drawing room. Suddenly he came up to me and said to me, “Looking beautiful today.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. Then I tried to walk past him but he blocked my way. “OK,” I smiled again and again tried to walk past him, but again he blocked me. Then he put his hands on my boobs and squeezed them really hard. And then hugged me tightly, wrapped his one hand around my arse and put his other hand on my boobs and fondling my boobs. I was too shocked to say or do anything. He appeared to notice my expression of shock. He started rubbing my pussy over cloths. I knew something bad was happening and told him no more tickling. He hugged me tightly, his body pressed against me, it was hard for me to pull away. He started kissing me on my lips and was fondling my boobs. I felt the insistent bulge forming in his pant. He continued to press my buttock while he moved further between my legs and lodged himself against my thigh.

He pulled my hand, carried me over into my bed room. Then he pulled down my cloths forcefully while kissing. I reluctantly held my mouth closed lightly. He placed his hand on my bra kept creeping upward & touched my breasts, taking a breast into his hand to tease the nipple taut, with other hand rubbing over panties. Just then a short orgasm hit my insides. I stopped resisting. My breath was ragged. He pulled my panties off and finally my panties down to my ankles and onto the floor. He pushed my legs open. He started nibbling and fingering my pussy. I let out a moan as I was immediately aroused. He kept stroking my pussy and then moved down to my clit. He quickly undid the button and then took off his pants.

“Oh sexy,” he said as he came toward the bed and flipped me onto my back. He slid two fingers inside me, and I moaned. He pulled me down to the edge of the bed and lowered his head to my pussy, licking and sucking my clit while he slid his fingers in and out. I cum almost immediately, but he didn’t stop, pushing me to two, three, and then four orgasms. Finally he stopped, slid his cock into my mouth. After one minute later he took his dick in hand, rubbed and pounded the head of the cock hard it against my clit slowly and slowly slid inside me.

He began slow strokes at first to let me adjust to his cock, and then few seconds later, he began to fuck me faster. Then, after fucking me in missionary style, he flipped me over and fucked me doggy style. As he was about to cum, he didn’t pull his cock out, instead he shot his cum up inside my ass, I could feel the warmth of his cock and cum inside me, as he laid me down on my side, he left his cock inside my ass still, and held me close to him. We collapsed on the bed.

After a couple of minutes he got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. I lie on my back and put my legs in the air, trying to prevent it from leaking out of me. After a couple of minutes, I got up and finally dressed up and I decided to take shower. It was a productive day for him. Now’s later, I let him fuck me anytime.

Leaked On April 8th, 2017 In SEX LIFE

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