Why Would You Want To Have a Bigger Penis?

Did you know that the #1 question men Google about is “How to Make My Penis Bigger”?

Do you ask the same question? Why is that? The fact is that a bigger penis won’t make you a better lover.

You may argue that a bigger penis will give you the confidence to concentrate more on satisfying your woman instead of being so self-conscious. There is some truth in that argument.

But the only proven way to get a bigger penis when it is aroused is by having surgery. It’s a very expensive and painful way of getting your self-confidence back. And if you don’t learn how to be a better lover, you’ll lose your confidence right away. Then what?

Surgery is the only way to get a slightly bigger and wider penis. Some mechanical methods and creams may make your flaccid penis appear to look bigger, that is longer, but once erect, it’s your same old buddy again. Think about it, If your penis has a small diameter when erect — imagine a pencil — then there’s no point in getting a larger pencil, is there? So, to get your confidence in place you need to widen and enlarge the length of your penis.

Is there another way to gain confidence without having to worry about a bigger penis? Yes, there is.

If you Google about what women are concerned about in regards to penis sizes, you’ll discover it’s the opposite. Big and wide penises cause them a lot of pain. They actually can’t reach orgasm and don’t enjoy sex during penetration.

Studies show that a great percentage of women don’t have orgasms during penetration, regardless of penis size. And those studies also reveal that lesbians do have more orgasms than heterosexual women.

What do Lesbians have or do differently?

In the first place, the woman who plays the male role is a woman, so she understands exactly what her partner wants. Lesbians don’t have penises, so what do they use to make their partners have orgasms?

Lesbians use their tongues, fingers, dildos and other sex toys. And so can you. You can use exactly the same body parts and toys that Lesbians do to make your woman travel through the Universe in wild orgasmic ecstasy.

You see, you don’t even need your small or bigger penis to satisfy a woman. The size of your penis is an issue inside your head, not inside your woman’s vagina.

What then do you need to satisfy any woman in bed?

What you do need to satisfy any woman in bed is knowledge about how women think and feel and about female anatomy.

This isn’t the type of knowledge you were born with. Some men are more aware of their feminine side so it’s easier for them to connect with women’s feelings and thought processes.

But most of us will close our minds to sex once we’ve had an orgasm and would happily jump out of bed to watch a baseball game instead. We’re like firecrackers… Fast on-fast off.

That’s not how it goes with women. They are slow starters and slow finishers. They recover faster than men from orgasms and can keep going on and enjoy “love-making” for a much longer time than we do. Women “make love”, we have sex.

So the point is you need to learn to get slow. The title of this article should have been…

Who Do You Think Women Prefer, SLOW or BIG?

I hope this article encourages you to stop thinking so much about how to make your penis bigger and start learning about how to make love to a woman and give her the different types of mind-blowing orgasms only women can experience.

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