How to Talk Dirty to Your Man in Bed

Some women have no probably talking dirty to their man about their deepest and darkest fantasies, without feeling uncomfortable about it.

Unlike other women, they just need a bit more encouragement to feel comfortable in these situations.

For other women, they have no idea how to react as soon as their man says things like, “Baby, please talk dirty to me”.

May women, seek advice on the internet or even from a dating expert, how they should talk dirty to their man.

It’s actually not as hard as you think it is:

Start with the basics

There is really nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t actually have to use swear words in order to turn him on.

Most guys are actually pretty turned on by simple things like, telling him you like his muscles or his belly.

What’s more important is, that you can flirt with him in a fun way. Just don’t be serious about it and everything will run smoothly.

Start slowly and gradually you can build up if you both seem to be enjoying it.

Not every single guy thinks the same when it comes to talking dirty.

But most guys have the same thing in common, for some reason they all enjoy when a girl talks to dirty to them.

You can get him going by telling him that you enjoy what you are both doing together.

For example, if he is kissing your neck, you can say, “that feels so good”, or if he’s giving you a nice little cuddle, you can say “you smell so nice”.

By saying simple things like that, is enough to turn on your boyfriend.

Compliment Him

If you are still having a hard time using dirty talk to turn your boyfriend on, you can easily build up to it by complimenting him.

Just like I have mentioned above, you can really give him an ego boost by giving him a genuine compliment.

When you give him a compliment it will be much easier to transition to saying things in a more sexual way.

However, if he generally sees you as a nice girl, you don’t want to suddenly make yourself seem like a slut by telling him what you would like him to do to you.

Maybe you do want him to do naughty things to you, but start simple and watch his reaction.

Allow him to take the lead

If you want to take it one step further, you can start by asking him what turns him on or what kind of things he wants to do to you in bed.

If he says, he’s like to slowly kiss you down below, then take the lead and respond in a similar way.

Role Playing

For some women, it’s much easier to talk dirty if you are role playing. You can dress up as a sexy nurse or a naughty school girl like Britney Spears in her hit song “Baby One More Time”.

Use your imagination and think of ideas that you might really excite your boyfriend.

No matter what you say to your boyfriend just make sure it is natural and doesn’t sound forced, otherwise he won’t be convinced.

Talking dirty should only take a few minutes, until it eventually leads to having sex.

Naughty words and phrases

Here are just a few more example phrases that will make dirty talk easier.

  1. You look so sexy right now
  2. Oh, I want you so bad
  3. You look so good with your shirt off
  4. I like the way you touch me
  5. You’re so hot
  6. Mmm, harder baby
  7. Mmm, your body is so yummy
  8. I love the way you kiss me
  9. Oh yeah babe, your tongue feels really good down there

Once you get started using dirty talk, and your boyfriend is enjoying it, you will feel so much more confident the next time you’re in the bedroom together.

I might also help if you both have a drink together because it will help you feel more relaxed and less inhibited.

When you learn how to talk dirty to your man, it will make both of you feel even more connected to each other, which will strengthen your relationship with him.

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