Confession – True Story My Mum Caught Me Having Sex

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This happened some years back when I was in my 2nd year in school, I went home for the semester break and my neighbor who was also my home girlfriend then was around too (yeah, that same girl I fucked outside during the day). On that lovely day, I was home alone with my mom, she didn’t go to work cos she was a bit sick that day, she was sleeping in her room and I was in mine, my room has 2 doors, one leading into the main house and the other leading outside the house, it was just like an attached self contain.

So the girl came in through the other door and not from the main door so no one knew she was inside…we got talking, normal gf n bf gist and b4 we knew it, we were making out, and were naked on the my bed, I sucked her boobs and she was stroking my dick moaning a bit loud (guess that’s what woke my mom) I gently tease every sensitive spot on her body, kissing from her head down to her pussy, and I gave her a mind blowing head, she reciprocated the good gesture and gave me a blowjob too, we ended up doing a 69 which was mind blowing…after much we got down to the real business, she has this tight, sweet chocolate pussy that’s pink inside, I fucked her missionary for long, and we changed to doggy, I love going really deep when am fucking so this made her scream at some point in which I had to hold her mouth so my mom won’t wake up. Just as we changed positions so she could ride me, she was already on top, dick inserted in her pussy she just did a few bounce my room down opened (then I remembered I forgot to lock the door) and standing there was my mom. We froze in the position we were.

My mom just called my name and quietly went close the door and left. My girl was still frozen wit my dick in her, although I was no longer hard. The funny thing about the whole thing was that we ended up completing the sex, I came but she couldn’t….. I guess yall know what happened that night, I got a lecture from my mom that night. And the girl avoided my mom for months.

Leaked On April 24th, 2017 In SEX LIFE

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