Fucked My Aunt During Her Visit

It was Friday morning I got a call from my uncle informing me that aunt is coming to my city and that she will be staying with me so I have to go to airport and pick her up. She would stay with me for couple of weeks and I should also take care of her. My aunt is a fashionably a sexy lady with nice melons size 30-28-32. I knew I was in a rut because she was very sexy and seeing her I always had masturbated but being in a 1bhk house that was not possible and for these coming weeks will have to just see her and not satisfy my penis. Still I took immediate leave from office went ahead and picked her up she was dressed casually wearing a low cut top showing her ample cleavage. A normal fashion type blazer and jeans seeing her like this I immediately got an erection but somehow got down from the car loaded her luggage and started driving towards my room.

It was a 1 and half hour journey from airport to my place so we stopped by for lunch and finally reached room at 5 she went for bath and changed her clothes into normal house clothes. We both sat down watching TV and I prepared for ourselves a nice cup of coffee. After sometime she bent down to pick the empty coffee cups to wash them. She was wearing a loose top so when she bend down I had a nice view of her boobs and immediately I got an erection she looked at me and passed a smile I shyly turned my face away from her and went to bathroom to masturbate. Complete day passed and then I slept on sofa while I gave her my bed.

Next day on Saturday we had planned on local sightseeing. So early morning when she went for bath I casually took her phone and started browsing her images. Happily for me I found her selfies in which ample boobs were visible. After watching the pics all I had to imagine was how her nipples will be and I could have easily masturbated. I then kept her phone down opened her laptop but it was password protected I tried two three obvious passwords for her and it opened. There she had few sex stories and one bf I understood what I have to do and how can I get to fuck her. Suddenly she opened the bathroom door in a hurry. I folded her laptop down and hit it under pillow she went to bedroom while I switched off her laptop she dressed normally first cause we had planned on going out at 12 and it was still 9 so she didn’t wanted to spoil her clothes.

When she came out of bedroom I was getting ready for bathing and was just in my towel I intentionally went in front of her and noticed her looking at my bare body. She said nothing prepared breakfast and then we went out and had fun. Three days passed and I could understand that she wanted to have sex. A sexy lady like her would obviously be left without satisfaction. Thursday we had planned on taking leave cause then we could go to a nearby hill station and stay there for few days admiring the natural beauty. Wednesday night we both sat down to watch a movie. She was normally wearing her clothes as she became more and more free. She was wearing a deep cut top and capri and I was intentionally just in my boxers. She sat on the sofa while I was sitting on the floor.

Watching the movie she laid down on the sofa and she kept her head on my shoulder which was just slightly above the sofa level I felt very happy. I could tell her breath her soft cheeks were touching my shoulder skin. We started talking watching the movie talking we drifted towards sex topic. We discussed it very freely and when we planned on going to sleep I suddenly turned towards her gave her a kiss on her cheeks. She smiled and said we should watch another movie I agreed and kept another movie. I folded out my sofa cum bed and then we both lay on it and were watching movies. Slowly I moved towards her and kept my hand on her body. She didn’t say anything few more minutes later I slide my hand over her stomach and slowly I grabbed her from behind and came extremely close to her. She didn’t say anything. I looked at her and she was pretending to be sleeping I thought of this as a good moment and turned her towards me kissed her forehead. Pretending to be sleeping she threw her arms on me. I held her tightly.

Holding her I bought her extremely close to me her complete body was touching mine. I kissed her cheeks again to get a hint of her intentions. She gave a shy smile with closed eyes. I kissed her lips and suddenly she opened her eyes and pretended to be doing all this in sleep she left me and turned away from me. I could see her smile when she was turning I understood that as a go. Now all I had to do was get her hornier. Her top was having a zip at the back I slowly pulled her zip and started kissing her back she didn’t say anything I took out the entire zip kissing her on the back and opened her top from the back. As u was unhooking her bra she turned towards me and said in a sexy was “naughty boy” winked at me and planted a kiss on my lips I held her tightly and pulled her as close to me as I could and kissing I took off her complete top now she was just in her bra her sweet melons touching my bare chest. It was heaven for me the lady I had always dreamt of fucking today was my chance to fuck her.

I laid her down on her back came over her and started kissing her kissed her lips, neck, and shoulder; chest, boobs from over her bra. Licked the cleavage and dropped lots of saliva on her cleavage she rubbed her fingers on cleavage and started sucking them. I kissed her stomach. Was licking her belly button and took out her lowers and panty. Her pussy was dripping wet and I went near her vagina and kissed it. She moaned “aaahhhh! Lick it” I kissed it again and took her thigh in my hand and bit it. I started chewing her thighs and as pressing her hips badly she got so horny that she took out her right side boob from her bra I bit very hardly on her thigh telling “bitch don’t do it will uncover your melon” and she immediately covered them.

Feeling the pain she made me lick her thigh on the area and punished me more by directly making me lick her vagina. I licked her juices and started fingering and took off my boxers. I came over her and started kissing. Slowly rubbing my penis on her vagina I started teasing her more and more as much I could. My penis was covered in her juices. I took my penis and hit on her boobs with it. She immediately grabbed my penis and started licking it I pinched her boobs and took them out of her bra she was happy to get them uncovered she gave a naughty smile and started licking my penis very badly she sucked my balls and made me cum in no time I unloaded myself in her mouth only and she happily drank all my cum.

I made her suck my cock for some more time to get me ready again to fuck her. I laid on her kissed her lips and was pressing her boobs she slowly muttered “bite them. Chew them make them bleed!! They are all yours do whatever you want to” I went and took her left boobs in my mouth licked the nipple she was moaning pushed my tongue on her nipple and she grabbed hold of my penis and started stroking it. I kissed her nipple and her hold on my penis grew tighter I immediately bit her boobs and started sucking it madly chewed it off bit her so hardly that her boobs were having my teeth marks. It was too much of foreplay for me while biting her right boob I slide my penis inside her vagina. She moaned loudly and pressed my face on her boobs. I kept my penis as much inside as I could. With more and more of pushes her moan became loud I was moving my penis slowly inside her and she held me tightly she started pinching my back her nails were pinching on my back.

I slapped her very tightly on her boobs she released her hold on my back and I started thumping her badly my pace grew and I went as fast as I could with my every push her boobs were jumping badly in about 20-25 minutes I came inside her. She smiled and told me that she is on her pills so it’s safe. We both laid together holding each other tightly and cuddling. After one time (about which I will tell you later) we decided on taking leave I gave medical reasons in my office and she simply didn’t go for her training and the complete time we spent fucking each other my dream of fucking her became a reality and I released as much sperms inside her virgina.

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