How I Forced My Cousin To Let Me Cum In His Mouth

We were teens. he would spend weekend at my house to help out his sick mom.

Probably will sound stupid, but we used to role play all different things. Trapped on alien planet, aliens in a strange house, mind control stuff. it never got sexual, but we would sometimes get naked if the ‘story’ demanded.

This one weekend we were playing something I don’t quite remember, but I was playing dumb like I didn’t know what my body parts did. maybe I was an android? who the hell knows, but what I recall is him without a shirt, and i wrestled him down, so I was sitting on his chest, with no bottoms. So my balls were on his chest. He was touching my dick, and explaining what it was used for. He did so well staying in character; I was dying, but I kept it up a bit more.

I was so hard, and I didn’t think he saw me like that before, but he didn’t seem pleased. I even shoved my dick in his face as I slid up his chest. I think he was pretending to explain sex. He said hole, and light bulb went on. I kept playing character but jumped up and put my legs on both sides of his head like I was going to teabag him, but he was talking and i quickly shoved my big dick in his mouth and sat down a lil to keep in in his mouth. I was amazed at the warmth feeling, his tongue hitting my dick all the time, and when I realized his teeth were clamped down at the base of my dick, I realized my dick was all the way in his mouth. I came so hard my body shook. I know I cum a real lot, so as soon as I finished cumming, I pulled my dick out of his mouth and fell back as he was finally able to push me off. He coughed a few times, and wiped his mouth but never spit anything out so I know he must have swallowed my cum. All this happened in probably 1-2 minutes.

I didn’t know what to do, so I kept in character and asked more questions, like was that how earthlings made babys, etc. hahaha he didn’t respond to me, and I was sweating I went too far and was in trouble, but he suddenly just responded in character too. I went with it. He eventually pulled out his hard dick too to prove he wasn’t a girl. We touched each other some more then just stopped playing.

After a few minutes laying there in silence, I just said Wow. He then says dude, I was about to bite your dick off you know. You were really hard then, but I probably could have done it, but I didn’t want to have to explain how I bit you there so…. What he didn’t say was that was when I started to fill his mouth. I’m sure that distracted him at that point

We never talked about it ever again, nor did we play that again.

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