Younger Brother Seduced – CONFESSION

I was lying on my bed, tossing and turning. Sleep had eluded me once again. Ever since I saw my brother, Kamal through the crack in his door, I have not been able to get him out of my mind.

I am Uma, a 21 year old girl, just finished my graduation and had nothing to do. My widowed mother was a banker and my younger brother, Kamal, who was 2 years younger to me, a college student. In short, I and my brother were quiet close to each other, being alone most of the time at home, with our mother coming home late from her bank.

He had just come home from playing basketball with some of his friends. All sweaty, his clothes sticking to him, I watched as he removed his sweat soaked shirt and tossed it aside, moving his long, lean arms over his head as he pulled the shirt off. His naked chest gleamed, droplets of sweat trickling down to his navel.

I glanced down at his shorts. They were clinging to his small, round ass. The bulge in the front of his shorts was straining against the flimsy fabric. I watched, mesmerized as he bent down and removed his shorts and his underwear, his cock springing to life as the air kissed it. I watched him stretch. His thigh muscles rippled as his cock jutted out far in front of him.

I had never seen a more beautiful cock in my life. It was long and thick, with a big, bulbous head that begged to be sucked. His balls hung down like two fruits ready to be plucked into a waiting mouth.

I felt the juices start to flow between my legs. I licked my lips, wanting desperately to taste his cock.

He turned towards the door. I scurried back to my room, just in time to peek through the door and watch him walk to the bathroom to shower. I wanted so badly to climb into the shower with him. But I knew this was wrong. He was my brother, for goodness sake. Still, I longed to feel him inside me.

So, tonight, I lay in my bed fantasizing about him yet again. For the last few nights, I had not been able to sleep. I dreamed of his massive cock plunging deep into my pussy, pounding away at it. God, what would it feel like to have that wonderful cock inside me?

All I could do was using my fingers and imagine it was Kamal slamming into me. I pounded furiously at my hot, steaming cunt, trying to get relief. I shoved it deep inside me, feeling it hit hard against my walls. I rubbed hard on my clit, my fingers slick with my cunt juice. I could feel my orgasm mounting. I came hard, screaming my brother’s name.

Suddenly, I see a flash of something out of the corner of my eye. I turn my head and see movement. My door is open! Someone has been spying on me!

I jump from the bed and fling open my door. I look down the hall and see a light on in my brother’s room.

“Oh! My God, He saw that!”

I close my door and lock it, cursing myself for not locking it the first time. I lay back down in my bed, a flush creeping over my body. I close my eyes and wonder how I will face him. Oh well, it’s over and done with. I will just have to pretend everything is normal.

The next morning, I go downstairs for breakfast. My hair is tangled and there are dark circles under my eyes. Mom looks at me and asks if I had a rough night.

“I didn’t get much sleep,” I reply.

“Everything OK?” she asks. I just nod my head.

Just then, Kamal comes into the kitchen. He stops dead in his tracks and looks at me. Mom asks him if he wants anything for breakfast and he says no. He continues to stare at me and tells her that he is late meeting his friends. I can’t look up at him. My face is so red and I can feel the heat of his stare. He grabs his bag and heads out the door.

Mom tells me that she has a meeting that night and will be late coming home. She asks if I will be all right by myself. I assure her that I will be fine. I’ve stayed home by myself before. It’s no big deal.

I walk upstairs and down the hall to my room. I pause outside Kamal’s door. Should I go in? I know this is wrong, but I can’t help myself. I open the door to his room and look around. His clothes are lying on the bed. I grab them and inhale, his scent filling my nostrils. I lie in his bed and bring his shorts up to my nose again. The smell of him is getting me so excited that I lift up my nightgown and start rubbing my pussy. I rub harder and harder, until I cum hard. My body twitches with my orgasm.

I bring my arms up over my head and under the pillow, relaxing. I feel a piece of fabric under the pillow and I pull it out. It’s a pink panty. I realize that it is the one that I have been missing for the last few weeks. Goodness! My brother must have taken this out of the hamper!

What could it mean? Has he been fantasizing about me as well? How long has he had these? I put them back where I found them and exit his room, going down the hall to mine.

As I sit on my bed, I realize that I have to know if he has these same feelings. I head to the bathroom to shower, a plan forming in my head.

Later that evening, I am at my computer chatting with friends, when I hear Kamal come up the stairs. I hear him go into the bathroom and start the water running for a shower. Time for action!

I strip naked and walk down the hall to the bathroom. I open the door. Steam is rising and I can see Kamal’s form through the shower door. I open it and step in. Before he realizes what is happening, I am on my knees in front of him; his flaccid cock in my mouth. I feel his shaft start to grow and pulse in my mouth.

“Oh god, Sis,” I hear him whisper, hoarsely.

I feel his hands in my hair, guiding me as he thrusts deeply into my warm, wet mouth. I suck hard on him, tasting him. The water runs over our bodies as I bob my head up and down his thick shaft. I move faster, feeling his hands gripping my head, forcing me further down on him. I moan as he fucks my mouth hard and fierce. I grasp the base of his cock and move my hand up, following my mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” he moans. “That’s it, Sis. Just keep doing like that.”

I start sucking harder, moving my hand slowly around his meat, feeling the veins rolling under my palm. I work his balls in my other hand, massaging them. I can feel him getting more excited. His body starts to tremble and his hands in my hair tighten as he shoots his load deep down my throat.

I swallow, gulping his hot cum down, pulling back slightly to let the last bit of cum fill my mouth. I twirl my tongue around his cock, tasting his salty seed, licking and sucking him clean. He pulls out and looks down at me, grinning.

“Damn, Uma who knew my big sister could give head like a porno star?” he says, as he pulls me up by the hair.

He pushes me back against the shower wall and rams his tongue deep in my mouth. His hand grabs my breast and he squeezes hard, making me cry out.

“You like that, don’t you. You dirty little slut?”

“Ohhh god yes,” I moan.

He presses against me, his cock rising again, pushing against my sex. His hands are ruthless. He kneads and pulls on my tits, twisting my nipples. The pain is so sweet.

I grab his head and pull him back down so that I can ravage his mouth with my tongue. We kiss deeply, our tongues mingling. His hands are all over me, bruising my flesh. I feel them travel down to my thighs. I feel his fingers part my lips, teasing my wet clit. Suddenly, he plunges two fingers inside me, fucking my hot pussy. Moaning, I cling to him as he finger fucks me.

“Oh Sis, you lovely little slut I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long,” he whispers in my ear. “And I am going to fuck you so hard.”

He opens the shower door and pushes me out. He grabs my ass from behind and leads me into his room and throws me face down on his bed still soaking wet from the shower.

I feel his hot cock pressed against my ass. I feel his hands on my ass cheeks as he lifts my hips and spreads my legs apart and rams his cock deep into me. I cry out with pleasure as he takes me from behind, pounding my pussy.

“Oh yes, Kamal. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I scream.

With my cries, he thrusts harder into me, bruising my insides. His nails dig into my hips. I can feel his balls slapping against me as he pounds me.

“You like that Uma? You like being fucked by your brother?”

“Yes, Oh God yes!” I exclaim.

“Tell me, Uma. Tell me you like your brother’s cock filling up your fuck hole.”

My pussy flooding his cock, I cry out, “Oh yes, Kamal. I love my brother’s cock. It feels so good in my pussy. Fuck me, baby. Oh please fuck me.”

He threads his shaft in and out of my cunt, coating it in my slick juices. I squeeze his cock with my walls, wanting to feel him explode in me. He pulls out slowly, then jams it hard back into me, making me scream. He pounds at my pussy like a man possessed, slamming into me. The sound of our bodies slapping together and the sucking sounds of my pussy as he fucks me fill the room. I can smell our sex in the air and I become more excited. I feel his hand smack my ass as the sound echoes through the air.

I feel my body start to tremble. My hands grip the sheets and I move with him, squeezing his cock with my pussy. He slaps my ass again, harder this time and I scream loudly…trembling as my orgasm racks my body. My walls contract around his shaft, milking it. With one final thrust, I hear him cry out as he empties his seed deep inside me.

He collapses on top of me. Both of us slick with sweat and the remains of the shower. I can feel his heart pounding on my back and his breath heavy against my neck. His prick slides out of me as he rolls over onto his back. I look over at him and smile, knowing that this will definitely not be the last time.

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