How to Seduce a Woman – 3 Essential Tips

nowing how to seduce a woman is a big part of attraction. Without seduction, you can’t ever truly turn her on or have her see you more than just a friend. Here are three effortless techniques that will have a woman dying to be with you as opposed to filing you into her friend zone cabinet.

Seduction tip number one – Sensual touch: In order to properly seduce a woman, she needs to feel your touch. Remember though, you have to be very gentle. The woman isn’t your brother or one of your boys; you have to be very delicate with her. So the next time you touch a woman, make sure you do it softly. Think of it as a caress, as opposed to hitting or grabbing.

Seduction tip number two – Intent: Intent stands for, or addresses your intentions with a woman. In order to really seduce a woman, you have to let her know how you feel about her; how amazing she is, how beautiful she is. Women want to be desired and that’s the core concept of seductions. You have to work on being courageous enough to tell a woman how you feel. That’s going to help you a lot in the long run. Now be careful with this one; women don’t just want to be told how beautiful they are. Don’t only focus on her looks; tell her something else that you find amazing about her. Maybe something that nobody else talks about.

Seduction tip number three – Eye contact: As you touch her and you tell her how amazing she is, make sure you’re giving her deep and powerful eye contact. I’m going to type it again because it is that important; deep and powerful eye contact. This is the way that you are really going to connect with her. You have to find a way to create that bubble between the two of you as if nobody else is around. The best way to do that is eye contact. She wants to know that you’re there with her and really listening to her. That is what will turn her on. You’ve probably heard the saying before that goes: “The eyes are the window to the soul.”

If you have great eye contact, then you are in great shape. Conversation Escalation is the vehicle you are going to need in order to carry out these techniques. If you’re lacking in the department of great conversation skills with women, then you’ll need to do yourself a favor and work on improving said skills as they will vastly increase your knowledge with regards to knowing how to seduce a woman.

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