Confession: The Best Fuck I Ever Had

I have always enjoyed a varied sex life and this has improved as the years have gone by. I am 32 and my wife is 34 with an enjoyable figure. Recently we have taken to acting out fantasies.

My wives favorite is where she has used a service and when asked to pay does not have enough money so offers sexual favors to cover her bill. Six months ago my wife went out dressed in a mini skirt, high heels, no bra, g-string and a revealing top and she told me that she wanted to enact a fantasy that she had wanted to try out. I was asked to drive past and pick her up just as if I were a taxi. This I did. At our house I asked her for her fare and she said she could not pay but could I come in whilst she got me some money.

As I walked in the door she turned to me put her arms around me and started to kiss me, she then whispered in my ear that she had another way to pay if I was interested. With that she knelt in front of me and slowly undid my flies. Perhaps I can pay you like this she said and started to slowly suck my cock. I tried to stop her saying I wanted my money but the expert sucking soon shut me up. I called her a common slut and that she must swallow all my spunk to cover the full fare. I soon felt the magic feeling and erupted a massive load of spunk in her mouth. She swallowed all of it and sucked me dry.

I thanked her and told her to ring me any time she wanted to exchange a free lift for a sexual favor. In October last year we were on holiday in Malaga and had gone out for the evening. We dined in this restaurant and had a lovely meal. When I came to pay I discovered that my wallet was not in my pocket. I asked to see the manager to explain to him what happened. The waiter called Cesra led us into his office and soon came back with the owner. We told the owner called Julio that somehow I had mislaid my wallet or left it behind, as you can imagine he was not that sympathetic with us and told us that this always happened and that he was fed up with tourists trying it on.

He told us that we could both go and work in the kitchens and help clean up for the rest of the night. I imagined my wife in high heels, mini skirt and blouse in all that mess with the kitchen staff gawking over her. Both men were fairly attractive and to my astonishment Jayne walked towards the Julio and slowly started to rub his cock through his trousers. As he grew hard she started to French kiss him forcing her tongue into his mouth. He tried to push her away but then all of a sudden pulled her hard towards him and pushed his hand up her skirt. She groaned as his fingers found the entrance to moist pussy.

Cesra looked shocked at what was happening until Jayne freed her hand and undid his flies to start massaging his hardening cock. Julio loosened my wife’s mini and let it fall to the ground revealing just a g-string. Cesra got behind Jayne rubbing his cock up and down the crack of her arse leaving traces of precome as he undid her blouse letting it drop away, Jayne’s nipples were now hard and Cesra was soon massaging the supple flesh – all she had on was her high heeled shoes – these were the first two men to see her totally naked since we had married. The office was fairly small so Jayne suggested that she lay across the table so that the men could fuck her – she told them as best she could she wanted it hard and any way they liked. Julio forced her legs open and slowly circled his tongue round her clit sucking her pussy and savoring the taste.

She was really close to orgasm and finally with a loud shout she came holding Julio’s head against her pussy making sure he tasted her come. She then stroked his cock begging him to push his 9′ inch cock right up her pussy, this brought a loud wail from her as Julio started to fuck her. Cesra in the meantime had moved round to the front of the table and pulled her head towards the tip of his cock. Jayne slowly sucked his cock head tasting all the pre come as she looked lovingly into his eyes, she then sucked him deep into her mouth. I knew that her blow jobs are the best and I had never been able to last long so I expected him to come fairly quickly. Both Julio and Cesra began fucking her, calling her a typical British whore and that she would know she had been fucked that night and that they hoped she liked the taste of their spunk. Julio’s hand was pinching her nipples as he groped her tits and as he thrust into her, causing her to groan loudly, his cock glistening with her juices every time he withdrew.

Cesra was not far off coming as Jayne massaged his balls with her hand as he plunged his cock deep into her mouth. All of a sudden he uttered some words in Spanish tensed his bum and spunked right into Jayne’s mouth with a big groan. She choked as there was so much spunk, some started dribbling out the side of her mouth. He certainly made sure that she swallowed his come by pushing cock deep into her mouth. Once she swallowed some, she sucked Cesra dry and let his cock slip from her mouth. Just as Cesra came Julio quickened his pace – Jayne was grunting and moaning again close to orgasm as Julio finally came deep inside her pussy – he thrust a couple more times as Jayne finally orgasmed – what a site – Jayne spread-eagled on the office table a satisfied look on her face and both Cesra and Julio looking contented. I was desperate for a fuck and hoped that the two men would now let us go. Julio looked at me probably thinking my thoughts. He smiled as he watched Jayne beginning to get Cesra hard again by stroking his cock. He smiled and said lets ‘Fuck her again’.

With that Julio motioned to Cesra to swap round. By now I was fit to burst here was my wife, somebody who liked to fantasize yes – but not for real – taking on these two guys again. As they swapped round she told them she wanted it doggie fashion and got up onto her hands and knees. As Cesra walked round to face her pussy holding his now stiff cock he slapped her bum hard on each cheek Jayne shrieked shocked at the sudden pain. Her bum cheeks both began to glow red where she had been smacked. Cesra laughed then slowly pushed his cock into her wet pussy. Julio had pulled his cock from Jayne’s pussy, which was covered in their combined juices and stood in front of Jayne motioning for her to suck it clean. She opened her mouth and started to suck his cock.

The fucking she was getting from Cesra made her moan deeply. Soon she had to let go of the cock in her mouth to scream loudly as she orgasmed again. Julio pushed his cock back in and fucked her mouth as quickly as he could. He began to shake a little and held Jayne’s head tightly forcing his cock deep into her mouth as he came again. She swallowed all he had to offer. Letting his cock fall limply from her mouth once he had been sucked dry. He then started to get dressed. Cesra was still fucking her hard and I am sure that the rest of the staff must have heard Jayne as she was making so much noise. Eventually with a big thrust Cesra came, Jayne’s head dropped on to the table as another orgasm hit her. Both allowed their feelings to subside before moving.

Cesra pulled his cock from Jayne’s pussy and pulled her head round so as she could suck him clean before he dressed. Both Julio and Cesra looked pleased. I wondered what would now happen whether they would let us go. The little office reeked of sex and there was some come stains on the table, the actions of my wife had left my balls fit to burst I just felt so incredible horny watching. Julio eventually told Jayne to get dressed and that we were able to go as he felt he and Cesra had been fully satisfied, there was little small talk. As we walked through he restaurant a few of the staff gave Jayne a knowing smile – I think she was definitely heard or they new what happened to people when they did not pay. Not a word was said on the way back to the hotel.

When we got into our room I pulled Jayne to me kissing her deeply, I could still taste the come of the two men, my hands ran all over her body – her pussy needed no attention at all, I lay her on the bed and pushed my throbbing cock into her pussy her with ease. In no time at all I exploded in the depths of her pussy. We both fell asleep exhausted. In the morning we discussed what had happened and my wife told me that she had always wanted to do something ‘naughty’ as a one off and that it would never happen again. It has not been repeated to date however it has made our sex life even more fun.

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