5 Ways To Give A Girl A Deeper Orgasm

Every man wants to give their girl an amazing orgasm. This article is for the guys that are tired of finishing first or not being able to give their girl a deep orgasm. We all loved to see a girl in ecstasy, but sometimes it can be confusing as to what turns her on! In this article, I will go over 5 Ways that are sure to make your sex life even better.

  1. Tenderness – As a man, it’s easy sometimes to get so into ramming your girl hard, and while that’s totally hot and acceptable too, you have to remember that women are really sensitive down there! Too many guys just copy what they see in porn and bash their parts together without any real pleasure coming out of it. Have you ever had your girl stop you? Sorry champ, it’s not because you were so good, it was because you were hurting her! Try being tender with her. Lovingly grab her with your masculine hands but give let her know through her touch that even though you’re strong, you’re not going to hurt her. Kiss her all over lovingly. Show her how much you care through your eyes. Treat her like a fragile flower or work of art and love her.
  2. Slow Down – Sometimes instead of going at it full force, you need to slow down the process. When you go too fast, sometimes a girl won’t even feel the pleasure anymore and instead she’ll start to feel numb. Try going at 50% of the speed you normally go. You should experiment and even try going slower than that, even down to 10% speed. When you go slow your woman can feel everything more intensely. This is something you’ll have to experiment with.
  3. Get intimate with her down there – This is somewhat like #1, but this is specifically for her erogenous zones. If you go down on her (which I recommend you do, it can lead to some mind-blowing orgasms for her if done right) get intimate with her when you’re down there. Too many guys treat vaginas like they are dog toys and just beat the heck out of them. Contrary to what porn teaches you, women actually like when you’re gentle with them in those areas. Treat her vagina like it’s the most precious thing in the world. Have a conversation between your tongue and her vagina. If you really listen, you will be able to tell what your girl likes. Her body will open up more and more to you, you’ll be able to tell. It just takes time. The build-up will be insane for her. Best spots to be is around her clitoris and G-spot (A quick Google search will be able to show you where those are).
  4. Try slowing down your breathing – When you slow down your breathing when having sex, you have way more control of your own body. Try breathing in and counting to four in your head, then breathing out and counting to four. When you breathe methodically she (and you) can feel each other’s sensations way more. It also gives you more control from orgasming too fast if that is a problem for you. What happens when you’re close to orgasming is that your muscles will tense up and your breathing rate will increase, but if you can control your breathing it will have you tense up less and you’ll be able to maintain more control of your body, which will in-turn bring her longer lasting pleasure.
  5. Feedback Loop – Feedback loop is really important in making sex more fulfilling and sexy. When having sex, focus on your arousal and pleasure and focus on transferring that energy into her or into her clitoris. When she feels you getting aroused and pleasured, she will feel it too and vice versa. When she gets genuinely turned on, doesn’t it drive you wild? It’s the same for her – so when you focus on your own arousal and pleasure and focus on transferring that over to her, she will start to feel it too and transfer her arousal back to you creating a feedback loop. Continue doing this as it goes up and up in intensity and eventually you will both climax hard.

There’s my 5 Ways to make her orgasm, I hope you enjoyed it but more importantly I hope you both enjoy it. Don’t focus too much of your enjoyment in her orgasm because when you’re ONLY focusing on getting her off and it’s so important to you, that can actually have a reverse effect and make her feel so pressured to orgasm she shies away and isn’t actually able to. Just have fun with it.

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