TRUE CONFESSION – How I Fucked My Elder Sister’s Best Friend

My name is daniel, i am a final year student of university of lagos and we reside on the island..
My elder sister blessing is through with her service year and she works in one of the new generation banks.
Before her graduation in university of lagos, she has a very close friend sharon which she always refer to as her best friend in school and even though they served in different states and they are working in different places, they still maintained their closeness as best of friends….

It was one saturday morning sharon came looking. for my sister, mum had already gone to the wedding ceremony of one of her friends daughter and dad is out of town, i am the only one left at home with my two younger siblings that fateful day.

A knock on the gate, the gateman opened it for sharon, I was sitted at the balcony while my younger ones where busy in their room playing video game when she came in, she is of a average height and chocolate in complexion, she has this huge breast that i could not just looking at and a round hips that completed her good looks …

“” Please what of blessing ? i have been calling her number but not reachable ” she asked in a soft voice, ” eehyah but she is not around now, she left about an hour ago but i don’t know about her movement if she will be back soonest or not ” i responded… She looked kind of disappointed but i offered her to come in and wait for her for some minutes to see if her number was going to go through or see if she will return as soon as possible so she came in and she sat down while i called our last born from the room and told him to get her a cold drink from d fridge which he did… My other younger brother was busy in the room playing video game while our last born went back to join him in the room..

I stood up from where i was sitted and went to open the drink for her and gave it to her while she receive it with her hands, i decided to sit a bit close to her as a sharp guy which i am known to be….

” I like the combination of your outfits ” i said to her in a playful manner as she smiled to me ” thanks ” she responded, ” I like your lips, they will be more attractive when they are wet ” i said to her in a soft voice as she looked a bit shocked to hear me say that to her, i smiled to her as she still looked a bit suprised to hear me say that to her….

“Hmmmm thanks but u a bit funny shaa ” she said as she took a little sip of her drinks.. All that was on my mind was sucking her Tips, and licking her round asss, a whole lot of crazy things was what i was thinking but i had to consider the fact that mum or my sister may come back at anytime….

Teasing sharon into the mood of sex is the smallest thing i could do but i am being concerned of who may get to know about what i am aiming at…..

I have this crazy thing i do when i am around girls that i want to Bleep, i am used to teasing them in a way that turns them on for sex even though we barely know each other….

As she dropped the bottle of the cold drink, she tool her phone to try my sister’s line again but these time around, the line went through…

” Oooh blessing you never told me you were going out when we chatted early in the morning and since then you have not read my pings and the messages i sent to you on whatsapp…. You were the one that said i should come today that you will be indoor throughout the day, that was why i came even when your number wasn’t reachable “, i wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore because my chances of bleeping her round ass was about to be stopped that day..

” In an hours time ? ” her voice was a bit louder and filled with disappointment as she continued talking on phone ” ahhhhh i am not sure if I can wait ooo blessing but i will try but please don’t let it exceed that time ooo blessing, you know it is you i came to see ” she ended the call….

I felt a bit relieved and happy because i can at least take my game to a crazy level even if bleeping was not gonna be possible that day..

” I will like to take a picx of you with my phone” i said to her, ” but why ” she asked … ” I like your lipss and i wish to be seeing it everyday and the only way that will be possible is if i can be seeing it on my phone everyday” i replied her.. ” What is so special about my lipsss oooo ” she smiled as she asked me the question, i moved a bit closer to her and whispered in her ears ” looking at your lipss makes me wet ” .. ” Ahhhhhhh see you oooo, so you are wet now as you are looking at them ” she said and I replied her ” yes and it makes me feel like doing three things to you right now “…. “Hmmmm what are they ooo “” she asked with smilesss on her face, ” I feel like licking you from your forehead down to your toes ” i said to her .. “Hmmmmm bad boy, so what is the second thing ” she asked and i replied her,” when i am feeling wet, i enjoy licking the clittoris and will be the happiest man on earth today if i can lick it right now “.. She looked a bit shocked and at the same time smiled a bit… ” Common that is dirty thing to do you know ” she said.. ” I know but licking someone like you is not dirty ” i responded ” hmmmm shut up jooor ” she smiled… ” So what is the third thing you will do for me ” she asked and i replied her ” I will make you cum more than two times before my sister gets back ” ..” Stop , i don’t need that ” she said in a low voice but i can read the look on her face as she rest her back … I moved more closer and took my phone to take a selfie wit her which she did not reject.. After taking different shotss… I said to her that i wanted to whisper a secret to her which she was eager to hear but i had no secret to whisper, its one of my silly ways of trying to kiss her ears.. “Hmmm what secret is that ” she asked as i moved my mouth closer to whisper into her ears and i licked her earlobe and kissed her neck.. She shivered wit a little bit of shock immediately she felt my tongue on her .. She tried to push me back a little ” what’s are you up to daniel ” she asked but with my sexing girlsss, i am not scared of saying somethings and i am not moved a bit by what they say…

I moved back a bit and whisped into her ears ” I can’t stop looking at your lips” .. I noticed anytime i try to whisper into her ear, she feels more turned on and shiver… So i made sure i held her side cheek wit my hand and whispered into her ears how i feel like licking her from her head down to her toes and licking her round ass and sucking her boobs and clittsss….

I noticed she began to relent and was not pushing me back any longer… I placed a kiss on her cheek which she did not ignore as i continue to lick her earlobe down to her neck and i caressed the back of her neck with my other palmss….

My hand on the other side of her cheek was resting on her boobs as i placed it down to feel the two sexy shaped oranges… She wanted to stop my hand a bit but i am the man, i knew she don’t mean her action so i continued as i rubbed her boobs without even getting them out of her dress…

She was putting on a roundneck which made it easier for me as i pull it up and was crazy to see a well packed chocolate boobs in a purple bra..

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