True Story – Banging Mom And Her Daughter

This started about six months ago with Sara, Mom and I meeting for coffee three times before she agreed that she and her 18-year-old daughter would visit me together and begin the process of becoming my subs.

Mom is an attractive woman in her 40’s some extra pounds but really very nice. Blonde hair down to her shoulders and standing 5’7”. Nice smile and she identified herself as a sex addict and thought her daughter Jen was following in her footsteps. Seems Sara’s Mom was also a very sexual woman, so Jen following in grandma and mom’s footsteps didn’t seem all that weird.

Sara and I made sure of boundaries for both her and her daughter, but it was clear that they would be joining my scene as subs and would be totally under MY control. When I first talked on the phone with Jen it became clear that she understood and as long as her boundaries and those of her mom’s were respected then yes she looked forward to submitting with Mom.

So the day came for the first time with Sara and her daughter Jen coming to serve their new found friend. It was Friday evening and we had until the end of Saturday afternoon if we all wanted to play and begin the training.

With welcomes out of the way and Jen sitting next to me on the couch and Mom close by in the chair, I asked if we were ready to begin their training as my Mom and daughter subs. Yes in unison and as I had planned I looked at Jen and told her to strip to her waist and show me her tits. Jen did as she was told without hesitation and I got my first glance at her nice young perky 34c tits. I told her to look at her Mom as she did the same thing and that they both would look at the other until I told them different. Sara asked if she was to strip and I said yes. The full Mom size 48d tits were exposed to her daughter and me. Nice I told them both now play with your own.

Jen took her thumb and finger and began rubbing the nipple on her right tit as Mom followed suite. The two sat there like this as I enjoyed the excitement of knowing I had two highly sexed bitches under my control and even better they were Mom and Daughter. I told Mom to come and knee in front of Jen and to lay her knockers on the knees. Then I reached over and began playing with Jen’s left tit and to her surprise I pinched it harder than she expected and she grimaced with the pleasure of the pain. Mom watched as I reached over and began sucking on Jen’s perky tits as I listened to the sound of her pleasure fill the room. Out of the blue she told me to not stop that she like what her Master was doing. Words to warm my heart. I then instructed Jen to lift her skirt and take off the panties, which she did as only a good sub will do. When done it meant that Mom was looking right as her daughter’s pussy. I asked if she had ever, and no was the answer. I smile and told her we are about to correct that short coming.

I then asked Sara to play with her tits and show Jen what she had and the look in her eyes was priceless. I could tell I had Sara right where I wanted her and that submission was going to be easy for her. I asked her if she had ever told her daughter about her need for sex and had she shared her sexual history with Jen. Sara hesitating said no but guessed she was about to do just that. I laughed and said shame on her she was one step ahead of me. Yes I said do tell your daughter what a slut you are.

Sara looked up still playing with her tits and began to share with her daughter that she was a very sexual woman from her teens to today. An older friend of the f****y, who even now gets a blowjob ever once in a while, had fucked her the first time when se was 15. She explained that she had a strong desire for sex all her life and that she had done some things that she was not proud of to fulfill her need for cock. I asked her to explain and she hesitated and for the first time I reached down and grabbed her nipple and pinched really hard and told her to do as she was told and stop being a disappointment to Me and that Jen wanted to know what kind of a slut her Mom was and is.

Sara admitted that during the last two years of college she had been a whore with a pimp and that she earned her money getting fucked and being sold. She said that at first it bothered her but that she got to where it filled her need to be fucked and she liked the extra cash. As I prodded her she explained how it worked and that her pimp took 75% of her earnings and that she got the rest. Usually she was a whore for wealth older men in the area and other places when she went on the road. They would contact the pimp and share what they wanted in a whore and then she would get a call to go and serve being told exactly how much to collect for her talents.

I watched as Jen listened to her Mom’s story of whoredom and wondered if she knew that very soon she would be a whore. But for now she was listening to her Mom tell how she went to hotel rooms and sucked and fucked and even got it up her ass for a special price. I asked Jen what did she think was that exciting and she nodded yes.

I then had Jen strip naked standing in front of her whore of a Mom and then sit down and I told the two to kiss for the first time. Jen was hesitant but Sara knelt up and kissed her daughter with the passion of a sex addict, it didn’t matter who she was kissing she went for it with gusto. I watched as Mom’s hands went for the perky tits and played softly with the nipples and then bending down kissed her daughters tit sucking on it with the passion of a turn on woman. The two did this for a few minuets as Jen also played with her Mom’s full tits. Sara stopped and moved up so that she could kiss Jen and in so doing their tits were smashed against the other and Jen responded with the desire of a very turned on teenager. Mom and daughter kissed and played each taking turn sucking on the others tits and kissing the lips and tongue fucking the mouth of the other.

Nice to see Mom and daughter enjoying the other, but it was time for more direction. I stopped them and the breathing was labored and showing the sign of two very turned on submissive women. I asked if they were enjoying and they both nodded with Mom saying yes she really was excited about kissing Jen. I told them they had done good but now was the time to get more into pleasing their Master. Both smiled and responded ‘Yes Master’, with a giggle that said more than yes.

I moved us to the bedroom and told them both to get on the bed. Jen and I watched as Mom stripped naked and joined us on the bed. I asked if either had ever seen the other fuck and both said no. Well I think it is time we corrected that and lets start with Mom watching her daughter give me some good head and then a good fuck with her sweet young pussy. I could tell Mom was a little taken back but kept it to herself. I assured her we would not leave her out as I would be kissing her and playing with her tits as her daughter was sucking me and then it would be Mom that would guide and put my cock in her Jen’s pussy.

Jen went down and began sucking and what nice picture to see her so compliant and willing. I had Sara lay next to me and finger herself as she watched Jen be my cock-sucking bitch. We kissed and I played and pinched Sara’s nipples as Jen continued to fuck her own mouth with my cock. I told Jen to stop after about 3 minutes and she looked expectantly as to what was next. I said down again but on your Mom, and to my surprise she followed the direction to a T and went for the wet pussy that was laying next to me. Jen must have done this before because Sara began moaning in pleasure instantly holding Jen’s head tight to her crotch.

The two enjoyed the scene but I stopped Jen after a few minutes and as she sat up her face was wet with her Mom’s pussy juice. I move over and motioned for Jen to lie between Sara and me and then moved away and told Sara to return her daughters favor. This was a hot fucking scene to see Sara go for it and Jen respond to her Mom eating her out.

I watched and asked how Jen was doing, and when she got close to an orgasm I told Sara to stop, move over and guide my cock into her daughters pussy. She did as she was told and I got up over Jen and prepared to take the plunge with Sara holding my cock and placing it in the lips of the sweet young pussy who is her daughter. I let Sara guide my cock and when in position I told Jen to give me a good piece of ass. With that my cock was in the wet throbbing pussy and I lifted up Jen’s legs to get in as deep as possible. Nice young pussy with Mom lying next to her watching as Jen was fucking her Master for the first time. The first time also that Sara had seen Jen take a cock.

I have to say I did not last too long and Jen fucked me as much as I fucked her. What a good feel to have the bed rocking with the motion of my cock penetrating the young pussy. Sara joined in also as she sucked on Jen’s tits and with each penetration she knew her daughter was getting a good cock. The came to a happy ending with me pulling out of Jen’s young cunt and shooting a load all over her from chin to crotch. Then I shot the last load right on Sara’s face, which made us all laugh. They continued laugh and giggle as I had Sara lick up the load of Jen’s body until her daughter was completely clean.

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