Better Sex: Oral Sex Hints for Women

Even couples with sensational sex lives are often looking for better sex hints that can add a new dimension to their bedtime trysts. For many men, this includes finding ways to incorporate a bit more oral sex into their routines, both as a “giver” and a “receiver.” If they wish to be on the receiving end, it’s crucial that they follow basic penis health practices that make their tools as attractive as possible. But even the best-looking tool may go begging, oral sex-wise, if a partner isn’t trained in the ways of giving oral pleasure.

Women who may be inexperienced when it comes to oral sex can benefit from a few simple tips.

– Breathe through the nose. The first and most important tip for women who are afraid they may gag on their partner’s penis is to breathe through the nose. If one attempts to engulf a manhood, even one of modest size, and to continue breathing through the mouth, an unpleasant reflex sensation is bound to occur. By now, this is something most women know, yet getting from theoretical knowledge to practical application can be challenging. If a woman is interested in orally pleasing a man, it helps if she practices nose-breathing in advance.

– Use a substitute for practice. Some women may also benefit from using a reasonable facsimile of a penis – such as a banana – for practice. It’s not the real thing, but learning how to fit oneself around such an object will make the actual activity easier to handle – and less of a surprise. And don’t worry – although it may seem daunting to a novice, most people find it becomes quite easy after the first time or two.

– Turn the lights out. For some women, there’s a degree of self-consciousness involved which is heightened when fellating in the light. If that’s the case, try turning the lights off. It often has a surprising psychological benefit.

– Watch the teeth. Again, most women know this – but it can take a little practice to learn how to keep the teeth from grazing the sensitive parts of the manhood.

– Move beyond the shaft. While most pornographic videos focus on the shaft of the penis during oral sex, men also enjoy having their balls attended to during the act. Taking a break to kiss, caress and lick his testicles will give the oral session that extra little kick that he likes.

– Make it tasty. Many women complain that their mouths dry out while performing fellatio, making them want to quit early. A glass of water on the bedside table can be a way to resolve this, but more pleasurable might be investing in some flavored lubricant and spreading that on the man pole before getting started.

– Get free with the frenulum. The frenulum – that area on the underside of the penis where the shaft meets the head – can be extremely sensitive. Try working over it with both the tongue and the hands; the combination is likely to bring a very big smile to the man’s face.

– Vary the temperature. No guy wants either ice or flame, but variations of coolness and warmth can also add a zing to his fellated member. Keeping a glass of cool water and a washcloth with warm water nearby and using them at appropriate times can make one’s administrations extra special.

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