6 O’Clock Sex Many years ago, when I was in my late teens and a terminally broke college student, I was fortunate enough to land a casual job in a large bakery. There were many draw backs to the job, but the fact that I was paid hard cash and that I finished

in time to start my morning classes, outweighed all the other problems. Finishing work before college began, obviously meant that I had to arrive for my shift at an ungodly hour in the morning and, being a typical student, this was a major problem! At 5.00am, the work force was not large. My responsibility was to load and unload tray after tray of bread in and out of the huge ovens that worked constantly and emitted an almost unbearable heat.

There were three of us that worked that early, Jim Collins, his wife Kelly and myself. Jim and Kelly were responsible for mixing the ingredients for the bread, but we all had to work in the oppressive heat of the oven room and by 6.00am, all three of us were usually sweltering. The thing that kept me going was the light atmosphere. Jim and Kelly were wonderful to work with and we were always laughing and playing jokes on each other. Kelly was, I guess, in her early thirties, but her husband was considerably older although he didn’t act like it invariably making suggestive comments to his wife and beaming widely when she always took the bait! You see, Kelly wasn’t the sharpest knife in the rack, but she made up for it in the looks department; long brown hair that fell in curls down her back, a great figure with large breasts that jiggled excitedly when she moved and a cute little ass. All this was set off beautifully by a pretty face that always seemed to have a smile on it. Yes, Kelly was one of life’s optimists.

I can’t really remember who’s idea it was to ask Kelly to retrieve some more flour from the giant vat where it was stored, probably Jim, but with that sexy smile, Kelly immediately agreed. The vat was massive and stood about four foot high. This meant that to scoop the flour out, she had to lean right over the edge of the vat, standing on tip-toe to reach down with the scoop.

It made a great picture; Kelly up on her pretty toes and bending over the rim of the vat with that delightful ass in the air. “Go on!,” whispered Jim in my ear with a wicked grin. “Give her a little slap on the ass!” The opportunity was too good to miss and I did not need to be asked a second time. Creeping quietly towards Kelly, I gave her a healthy spank on her pert buttocks. *Slap* I think she was more surprised than hurt, because with a little scream, she tumbled forward, straight into the flour vat! “You bastard, Jim!” She yelled, thinking that her husband was responsible for the prank. “I’m fucking covered in flour!” In between hoots of laughter, Jim and I cautiously moved towards the vat and looked in. Kelly looked like a really pissed off snowman! Her entire body was covered in white flour from head to toe and all we could see were a pair of blazing eyes looking up at us.

Trying hard not to laugh too much, both Jim and I grabbed an arm each and helped her our of the vat. Looking at Kelly standing in front of us, hands on hips, was way too much, and again we both fell about laughing. It seemed that Kelly was also beginning to see the funny side because a slight smile was beginning to return to her white covered face. “What the fuck am I supposed to do now?” she shouted at us. “I can’t keep working like this.” Jim answered “Well, there’s only one thing you can do. Danny and I will have to hose you down!” “Oh no you don’t,” she replied, backing away, the smile now fully returned. “My overalls will go transparent. It’ll be like a wet T shirt contest!” “Sounds good to me!” Cried her husband. ” What do you think Danny?” I was certainly interested in the way that this seemed to be going, but was reluctant to comment on my friends wife. I just nodded my head and hoped that this would suffice. “So, you want a little show do you? You dirty minded boys! Ok, if that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get!”

Both Jim and I stood in stunned silence as Kelly pulled the end of the sluicing hose from the wall and turned the water on. Standing over the drain on the warm concrete floor, she held the hose over her head and let the cool water cascade over her hair and rinse the flour away. Until this time, I did not honestly think that even Kelly would go through with this, but here she was, letting the water flow over her head and shoulders and down over her coveralls. The floor was soon wet with white coloured water as she cleaned herself off. Kelly was right. Working in this temperature, none of us wore much clothing, but Kelly being Kelly, only wore a pair of tiny bikini panties and these were now clearly visible under the wet overalls that stuck to her full body like a second skin.

Jim was still laughing as was she, but I was staring open mouthed at Kelly’s ample breasts that were now outlined under the garment. “Actually,” said Jim in between laughing fits. “Credit where it’s due. It was Danny that gave you the spank!” “Was it indeed?” said Kelly, looking directly at me with a wicked grin. “And did you do it so that you could get a look at my tits?” I tried to answer, but the words became stuck in my throat. I was still too busy looking at her large bosom, the nipples now growing visibly harder before my eyes. “Here, why don’t you get a better look.” My heart missed a beat and my breathing became a little short as Kelly began to unbutton the front of her coverall coat. I was acutely aware of my cock hardening rapidly in my shorts as finally two large breasts capped with perfect pink nipples emerged before me. “They’re beautiful.” I managed to gasp out lamely. “There’s still more to see,” she laughed as she dropped the coat to the floor and began to peel down her wet panties. “Go ahead,” called Jim with a smile. “Get yourself a handful of that skin! If I know my wife, she’s feeling real horny now!” Kelly’s arms welcomed me to her breast as my hands and lips began to explore the smooth tender flesh of her large, heavy globes.

The nipples seemed to grow harder as I closed my lips over them and sucked them into my mouth. I heard a moan of pleasure and felt my head pulled firmly into her chest as I let my hands drift lower over her wet body towards the tangle of dark hair between her legs. My fingers searched through her bushy pubic hair until I found the wet slit, her lips unfolding like a blooming flower as I touched them. I knew that she was wet from the hose, but the fluid seeping from between her nether lips was all woman and I used the lubricating liquid to slide two fingers deep into her vagina as I continued to suck her nipples.

Kelly was moaning deeply, urging me to finger-fuck her faster and harder. Her feminine fluid was oozing from her lips as I plunged another finger in to join the first two, pumping them smoothly as she climbed higher and higher, eventually shuddering into her orgasm. With her tits bouncing up and down as she came, it was hard to keep my lips over her swollen nipple, but with Kelly’s hand firmly pushing my face into her breast, I did the best I could. With a gasp, Kelly detached herself from my caresses. Completely naked and still dripping wet, she hopped up on to the work counter. Sitting facing me, she wriggled her bottom towards the edge of the counter and spread those long, sexy legs, exposing her vagina to my eyes for the first time.

I was awestruck and could hardly drag my gaze away from her beautiful, wet pussy. “Are you gonna stand there all day, or are you gonna get your dick out and fuck me!” she cried. My overall was open and my shorts around my ankles in a matter of seconds. My cock was so hard it was almost painful. I looked to my left and saw Jim. I had almost forgotten about him and had a momentary pang of guilt. After all I was about to fuck his wife! He soon put me at my ease. I was not the only man in the room with a hard-on. Jim had obviously taken his own cock out some time ago and had been slowly masturbating as he watched us. Go on, Danny boy, give her what she wants. She’s like a bitch in heat when she’s like this.

She needs a cuntful of dick and she needs it quick!” Having been granted all the permission that I needed, I positioned myself between Kelly’s open and outstretched legs. “Hmmmmmm….oh yes….fuck me ..fuck me…put your big dick inside me baby” With a grunt of satisfaction, I thrust my throbbing manhood deep into her pussy. It felt wonderful as I slid past her slick lips and into her vaginal channel. She was tight and her muscles gripped me as I began to fuck her properly. Jim was now at her side, pinching her swollen nipples and pumping his cock in his hand. I watched, as with a groan, he released a torrent of cum over her belly and tits.

As his hot seed splashed onto her skin, I felt her cunt tighten and relax as she surged into her second orgasm. My own cock was throbbing uncontrollably now as I hammered into Kelly’s warm, wet pussy. Not wanting to cum inside her I pulled out quickly and with a deep moan, jerked myself furiously, eventually joining Jim and spraying my semen onto her lower belly and thighs. “Looks like I’m gonna need another hose down.” Laughed Kelly as she began to look for her discarded panties and wet overall. We all quickly returned to work, but soon found that we had lost a lot of time. By 9am, when the manager arrived, we were far from finished and only about 3/4 of the required bread had been baked.

There was hell to pay and we were each ordered into the managers office in turn. Someone was obviously going to be fired, and as I was only a student on a casual contract, It was a certainty it would be me. Jim and Kelly both apologised to me on the way home that day for getting me sacked, Kelly was almost on the point of tears until told her that I didn’t really care. “Trust me,” I said with a smile. “It was well worth it!” – The End – * * * * * If you enjoyed this story feel free to check out my other offerings on this site. Please also feel free to e-mail me with any suggestions you have for further tales!

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