True Confession – Call Me An Unfaithful Wife But I Can’t Avoid Having Sex With My Step Son

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My name is Chinyere, am 43-years, I got married to a man of 60years after my first husband died, we moved to Owerri together with my new husband and have been staying there since. My husband told me he had a son (David) from his first wife and that he was studying in Ghana.

Last year, the son came back from Ghana after completing his studies, I can remember that day I was alone at home, my husband gave him my number so he could be able to locate our address since my husband was in Port Harcourt that day for a business meeting.

David called me around 2pm “hello, mummy, I am in Owerri but cannot locate the address, I asked him to give his taxi driver the phone, I described the address for him and in 30minutes he was knocking on the door.

I was wearing a short gown with no bra and panties, I was feeling very free maybe almost thinking that David was my son so there was nothing there to hide, I opened the door and behold standing before me was a cute, dark, tall and extremely handsome gentleman on suit, I was amazed at his appearance that I was speechless for about 10 seconds, he was also starring at me probably because of my dress.

Well though I am a woman of 43years, I have good shape, my apples are erect and heavy, my nlppIes are irresistible, I also have a serious inviting backside. After 10 seconds he broke the silence, “oh good afternoon mummy, how are you? I replied “wow!!!! It is so nice to see you, welcome”. I ushered him in and showed him his room while I went to prepare lunch for him. In less than 30minutes my husband came back, so we all had lunch together.

Throughout the lunch time, my heart was beating fast, my whole body was yearning for this irresistible young man. I have been having love making issues with my husband lately, I have complained to him but in being realistic there is nothing much a man of 60 years can offer in love making. I love wild and hot love making. But I had to adjust myself since my husband could not offer me that, most times I had to touch myself so I could sleep, I also bought an artificial p3nis, this is how I have been satisfying myself and keeping myself in the marriage.

After the lunch, David told us his experiences in Ghana, his plans and everything, we enjoyed the chat till around 6pm, he got up to go and rest, I went into our room with my husband and we watched movies till 9pm and slept.

The next day was a Thursday, my husband left early to work, I had begged him to make love to me but he told me he was rushing off to meet up with his colleagues in Port Harcourt again, I was feeling to h0rny so I decided to help myself the usual way, I started touching myself for a while then I took out the artificial p3nis and gave myself a good ride, my husband loves seeing me in this mood, he loves watching me touch myself, so I was not startled when I heard the door opened because I thought he had come back to pick something and hopefully he will make love to me before going back, so when the door opened I had closed my eyes, so I said “dear, am very wet, please come and make love to me, I really need you”. I did not hear any reply so I quickly opened my eyes and behold it was my step-son standing in front of me, startled and confused he asked “mummy, what is this you are doing? I quickly covered myself and was confused too. I replied “my dear am a woman, I thought your father was the one that came in, I wanted him to make love to me, I am feeling very h0rny, he said “did you tell him? I replied “yes”.

I saw pity on his face, he said “sorry mummy, when he comes back I will talk to him”. I immediately told him not to discuss that with his father. As he was stepping out, I had a strange boldness and asked him “David can you help mummy to release? He was so shocked to hear that, I continued “I don’t mean you should make love to me, I mean you should use this artificial p3nis and bang my poosssiiieee, it will help me to release, I want to be faithful to your father so I don’t want any man outside, please help me. He stood there for a long time, I left the bed and went to him, stood by him and begged him to help me release.

He said “ok just this once and please do not repeat this again, I accepted. So he went and locked the door, I got on top of the bed and spread my legs wide open, I was completely wet and horny.

Leaked On March 20th, 2019 In SEX LIFE

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