CONFESSION: How My Co-Worker In The Bank Fucked Me

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I’ve been talking to a co-worker of mine and I opened up to him telling him about how I, m a Banker and that I go to a few clubs at night dressed to dance and have fun. At first he didn’t believe me but after while I convinced him and he said he will have to come see one night and on this particular morning at work he told me he would see me tonight, now he has said that before and I was not expecting to really see him tonight.

I arrived at the club about ten o, clock like I always do, I was wearing a very short beige print dress, my padded bra had me looking like I had nice breast, I also had on brown sheer pantyhose and four inch open toe heels making my 5’8″ frame almost six feet. I had been there for about an hour and a half, drinking, dancing and playing around with some of the regular guys I see there, the liquor from the four long island ice teas had me buzzing and feeling pretty good when I looked over and to my surprise there stood Roger looking around, I told the two guys I was with now I would be back.

I slowly walked over swaying my hips and really working it more than usual, he looked over at me scanning my body from head to toe, I stopped smiling at him saying hi, he looked at me and his eyes got big realizing it was me. He was about to say my name but I put my finger to his mouth saying I’m Mandy here, he stepped back looking me over, I could tell he liked what he was seeing “I never thought you would look like this wow” he said, we talked a little more and he continued scanning my body especially my legs. I said “come with me” and I introduced him to the two white guys I was with Ade and Ken, Ken put his arm around my waist hugging me tight saying “so you are a friend of Mandy’s she is pretty well liked here” he lowered his hand putting it on my butt giving it a squeeze, I looked over grinning “Ken” lifting his hand up, looking over at Roger, he had funny look on his face.

We walked over sitting at a table, Ken ordered drinks and Ade took me my the hand taking me out to the dance floor, it was not crowded and we danced to two fast songs and then a slow one, Ade pulled me in his arms resting his hands above my butt, I looked over at the table and I could see Roger looking at us. Ade was a pretty good dancer and I liked dancing with him, we were moving nice and easy together and I could feel him getting hard pressing to me, he gave it a little grind and I returned it to him resting my head on his shoulder, he lowered both his hands and I could feel his easy rubbing both my butt cheeks “you have the greatest ass” he said rubbing and clutching my cheeks more, with me wearing thongs under my hose it was like he was feeling my bare cheeks, it felt so good I just closed my eyes enjoying it.

We both began rolling our hip together turning our slow dance to a slow grind right in the middle of the dance floor, I really started moving to him he said “baby when you going to let he hit this again” I started to speak opening my eyes looking at the table Roger and Ken were staring at us, I was so into him I forgot all about them “not tonight and we should go back to the table” I said, he gave my butt a couple more squeezes letting me go, we walked back to the table with him holding my hand sitting down. Roger looked at me saying” you two got pretty erotic out there, just how much of this girl thing are you into Mandy” before I could even reply Ade said ” oh she is into it 100% all girl” putting his hand way up on my leg rubbing it close to my crotch for Roger to see.

We all sat talking having a couple more drinks, Ade never took his hand from my leg, just keep stroking it, Roger keep looking “I said you ok hon” he said “oh yes and I like those cute pink panties” I giggled at him opening my legs a little to give him a better view then closed them, he was just smiling.

A couple minute later he said it as late and he needed to go and he asked me to walk out with him. We were standing by his car talking a few minutes, he told me I made a very attractive girl and asked me to turn around so he could have one last look at me like this, as I turned he reached over grabbing my butt holding, rubbing my cheeks under my dress, “dam, I like how soft, big and round your butt is” he said just clutching it, I turned to him looking at his crotch, it was sticking straight out. “Seem you have a problem” I said, he looked at me saying ” I wish there was something we could do about it” He opened the car door asking me to get in back with him, we sat there and he asked me if I could help him, I said “you are not going to think bad of me are you” he said “no” I reached over opening his pants pulling his hard white cock out, stroking it, twisting it with my hand, looking up at him, he began to rotate his hips.

I lowered my head down taking just the head in my mouth, I moved my tongue over it and I could hear him moan, I pulled it from my lips and licked every inch of it, then went back up taking it back in my mouth only going farther down on it, nibbling down getting more in my mouth, I began to Ade my head up and down on it “oh Mandy it feels so good” he said. He pushed my head down as I went all the way down on it, my lips were on his pubic hair, his entire cock down my throat, I think this impressed him, I began to suck him harder, he was moaning very loud, this just made me do it faster and still harder. He was really pumping his hips to my mouth, slamming it down my throat, he moaned ” you better stop, you better stop” but I just attacked it more, I was so into it then he paused and I felt him exploded cumming in the back of my throat, I tasted the salty taste of his semen, I went all the way down on it as I swallowed every drop of his seed.

I continued sucking him as it softened up some in my mouth, pulling on it with my teeth lightly, I let it slip from my mouth, I sat up wiping my lips smiling at him but still holding his dick, he put his hand under my chin smiling back at me ” that was nice but don,t stop now” he said, he guided my head back down. I took a deep breath opened my lips and took his semi hard dick back in my mouth, slowly I started sucking him again, pulling more, stretching it with my lips but it did not take him long he was just as hard as before. I was really enjoying sucking his cock, my eyes were closed, his hands on the side of my face, I was twisting my head on it “oh Mandy I need to put it in you” he said, I felt him reach down lifting my dress up and rolling down my panties and hose below my butt.

I was still sucking him but reached in my purse and pulled out a condom, I let his cock escape my lips looking up at him we made eye contact, he watched as I bit open the condom pack pulling it out rolling it over his very hard cock “I can see you have done this before” he said, I gave him a smile. With one hand I stroked his cock with my other I lowered my panties and hose down pass my knees, I was so excited and wanted him in me bad.

I eased up over him with my back towards him, positioning his cock right to my butt hole, slowly I lowered down feeling his cock opening me up going in me, up and down I went as more of his cock penetrated me until I was sitting on top of him his whole cock inside me, I just sat there holding it ,enjoying the feel of it inside me.

Again I moved up and down on it feeling a wonderful tingle in me ,down quickly again I went holding it deep in me, slowly I rolled my hips to him, he was pumping his hips to me holding his hands around my waist, I moved faster and he did to keep up with me.

We did this for a while faster, slower then faster again, we were really working it together, I moved in circles and back and forth, he really like that so I did it for a while, I was now moaning loud with him, I felt him pause and jerk, I could tell he was cumming , I just sat down on top of him clutching my butt cheeks on him helping him shoot it ,Knowing I made him cum like that I came to coating the front of my dress with my own cum.

I sat on top of him for a few minutes feeling his cock shrink slipping out of me, I leaned back and we embraced in a deep wet kiss, he told me he never thought it would be like this with a person like me but now he is hooked, we got our selves together and he drove me to my car saying I will see you tomorrow and I want to see a lot more of this me soon.

Leaked On April 14th, 2019 In SEX LIFE

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