Confession: How I Fucked My House Girl

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I thought I’d tell you about the great luck I had at the Bet Center in Benin City. I won 8 million Naira. I built a huge house on 75 acres of land, outside of town. The only problem is, being a single male…..I don’t want to take care of the house and cook all the time. So, I decide to hire someone. I placed an ad in the newspaper that read,”Wanted, A female to be a personal maid. Duties would be to manage the household in an efficient manner, answering to no one but the owner. Please apply in person on Monday between 10 and 11 AM.” Monday comes and about 8 applicants arrive.

One by one I personally interview them, 1st one, a very miserable bitch….very hard to look at…no good, 2nd, no good, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, all no good for one reason or another. 7th, a man…definitely gay…ad specifically asked for a female…goes to reject pile. The 8th and last applicant, sounded fairly good, had some concerns but best of all so far….last question for her…”where did you work last?” She replied that she just got out of prison, she was in the last 18 years for 2nd degree murder….well, she’s out. Wow, 10:50 and all applicants were interviewed, not a prospect in the lot, shit this is going to be harder than I thought. 10:58, the doorbell rings…. I open up the door…there stands an absolute beautiful, energetic, and personable person. “Hi, my name is Donna, I hope I’m not to late for the interviews.” I tell her no, “I think your right on time.” We met and talked in length about the job and it’s duties, I told her of the pay and benefits that she would have.

I also asked her if it would be a problem since this would have to be a live in position, you would have the house in the back to do what you want with it I tell her…she said that would be no problem at all since she needed a new place to stay anyhow…she has been new to the area for only a week or so and does not have a place as of yet. The second condition was that she would have to wear a uniform while she was working, it would be a french maids outfit…she had no objections to that. “Well, welcome aboard, your hired, if you want the job.” She accepted in a flash. A few weeks have gone by and Donna has been doing an exceptional job managing the house, cooking, and cleaning, and I must confess, it’s a pleasure watching her work around the house in that sexy maid outfit. Black stockings, short black and white dress….low cut enough to tease me with those beautiful breast ready to pop out at anytime. One day it was very hot…high around 100…I was sitting out by the pool after my morning Jacuzzi.

I was sitting in a lounge chair naked. I didn’t realize it but Donna brought me out a cold cup of ice tea, I looked up at her and then remembered I was naked, I tried to cover up with a towel, but it was too late. I looked into her eyes and told her I was sorry, she grinned at me and told me not to worry about it at all, that she was liberal herself. She left and went back in the house. She came poolside again about 10 minutes later to pick up around the pool.

I watched her strut around the pool in that uniform, watched her very closely, as she leaned over to pick something up off the ground about 4 feet in front of me I noticed she had no panties on under that outfit. God, my mind was wondering then, I had to cover up with a towel since my cock instantly went rock hard. I had to get her out of there before I couldn’t control myself anymore. So, I yelled over to her, Donna, it’s too hot to be worrying about that stuff, you have done such a great job the last few weeks, take the rest of the day off. She smiled at me and said thank you…. off she went. I laid in that lounge chair after she left with my eyes closed, dreaming about the vision I just saw, and the excitement kept building. I came back to reality when I heard a splash in the pool….

I looked up to see Donna just popping out of the water. She looked over at me and asked if I minded if she took a swim…you said “I could make myself at home when I wasn’t working”…” I could leave if I’m bothering you.” “No, not at all enjoy yourself.” As I said that she started to get out of the pool…Oh my god, she was naked, and what a lovely site it was. She came over and sat next to me.

“Boy, that water felt good on a day like this she said as she sat down.” She looked over to me and told me I better watch out I was getting really red…. you don’t want to get sunburned. Then she asked me if I would like her to put some sunscreen on me. I looked over at that wonderful naked body and could only mutter out….”that would be nice.” As she started to rub the sun block on me I thought I was going to explode right then and there. She rubbed it on my chest, arms, and legs.

She looked me right in the eyes and told me we wouldn’t want this important part to get to much sun…we better get it out of the direct sunlight…at that she leaned down and took my throbbing cock deep into her mouth. Oh God, the excitement rushed through my body as she engulfed my cock, and danced her tongue over my shaft like a ballerina. The tension kept building as she continued to go up and down on my manhood. I couldn’t take it anymore and erupted my hot sperm deep into her throat…she moaned deeply as it filled her mouth, sucking wildly as to not waste a drop, she continued to suck it all until it went soft in her mouth. As she picked her head up our eyes met, and we both smiled in pleasure. I took her hands and stood up from the chair, she followed me, and we walked through the sliding doors that lead into the master bedroom.

The air conditioning felt great as we entered into the house. We moved to the king size bed still not saying a word, I lead her into the bed and gave her a long hot wet passionate kiss as I climbed in beside her. As I kissed, my hands started caressing those magnificent breast. I moved down and started kissing and sucking them, my hand moved down to her wet pussy. I slide a finger in rubbing it over the clit as it entered. I sucked her tits even harder, gave them a light bite, circling her nipples with my tongue. Her tits felt so good in my mouth and my finger felt fantastic in her pussy, but it was time for more. So, I moved downward and stuck my tongue deep into her wet pussy with my finger.

She was moaning wildly as I sucked and fingered her pussy. Her hips were raising to allow me to go deeper and deeper. She whispered down to me, “Fuck me now….. please put your rock hard cock deep into my pussy, now please.” I became even more excited hearing her ask for it like that and I shoved my cock deep into her pussy. Donna’s hips raised to get all that she could, she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me in. I thrusted fast and hard into her wet pussy. Her pussy lips clinched tight around my throbbing hard cock as it goes in and out. Faster and deeper…..our moans fill the room…she’s telling me that she’s ready to explode…I pump faster and faster….. she keeps pulling me in more and more…. her body starts to shutter as her juices start to flow.

I pump more and more as my hot creamy juices shoot deep into her wanting pussy. I continue to pump and pump as the cum keeps shooting out of my cock into her waiting pussy…. we kiss as my thrust start slowing down. We hold each other tight in each other’s arms, both feeling totally satisfied. She looks at me and tells me that it looks like another duty will have to be added to my job list. She was right, this was the start of many days and nights filled with hot sexual adventures. Donna turned out to be the best employee I have ever hired, she definitely put a new meaning to personal maid.

Leaked On December 27th, 2019 In SEX LIFE

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